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Western Sydney University x Paddl Co.

Experience that complements your education

Western Sydney University and Paddl Co. have come together in their commitment to support WSU students and graduates build unique workplace experience to support their career endeavours during and post their time at Western Sydney University.

Register on and to start your Paddl Profile and be the first to know about upcoming WSU Paddl Games and opportunities to help you gain real world experience, put your skills into practice and expand your professional network!

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The Paddl Profile

Paddl Profiles are killing the resume!

The Paddl Profile is your new modern CV, designed to capture all of the modern activities we do to gather experience including:

  • Uni Qualifications
  • Internships
  • Casual Jobs
  • Paddl Games Challenges
  • Meet-ups
  • Marathons
  • Volunteer Work
  • and so much more...

    The Paddl Profile - effortlessly managed, perfectly clear and easily shared to future employers. Start yours today!

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    WSU Paddl Games

    Paddl Co. has partnered with Western Sydney University to bring you a series of five intensive and high-profile one-day Challenges, called WSU Paddl Games. Each Challenge Day will be hosted by a corporate sponsor and participants will have the opportunity to work alongside local businesses solving real business challenges

    Students and graduates of WSU are encouraged to apply to participate in the events in order to:

  • Gain real workplace experience
  • Work in cross disiplinary teams
  • Put your skills into practice on real business cases
  • Expand your professional network, and
  • In some cases, gain employment!
  • Marathons

    Applications for each Challenge day opens one month prior to the event. Apply on or register to be the first to know when applications open.

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    What Students are saying about Paddl
    “I think Paddl Games then enabled me to apply academic theory to real business challenges. More importantly though, the challenges have driven my personal and professional development.”
    Francoise Hill
    Master of Management, The University of Melbourne
    My Paddl experience, especially at Paddl Games, showed me that self-expression and getting to know and work with other people is really important because you never know how one opportunity can lead to another.
    Nhi Huynh
    Bachelor of Computer Science, RMIT
    “As a future engineer, it isn’t your ability to solve triple integrals that employers are interested in, it’s the skills you develop at events like Paddl Games that really turn heads.
    Harry Pittock
    Master of Engineering (Electrical), The University of Melbourne

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