5 Hot Tips to Stay Cool in the Kitchen over the Summer!

December 27, 2018
By Kim Fernandes

With kitchen hot plate operating temperatures ranging from 180-200 degrees Celcius AND the predictions for hotter than average summer days and nights this season, it’s no wonder commercial kitchens begin to feel like heat traps!

An Australian Summer means most hospitality venues are operating at their peak- unlike other industries, hospitality never stops! A typical commercial kitchen over the ‘crazy period’ is filled with hot air, flames and lots of busy people, which can be very uncomfortable.

Our approach to tackling the heat is a creative one - remember Here’s our top 5 tips to stay cool in the kitchen over the Summer!


1. Have a stash of Ice Blocks in the Freezer

Icy poles, Popsicles, Iced lollies- whatever name you call them, there’s nothing quite like cooling down with one of these. Less time-consuming than eating ice-cream or blending a smoothie (and no dishes either!) but with the same cooling effect. Having a box or two of these on hand won’t break the bank either.


2. Have your micro-meetings in the cool room

There’s always that part of day where chefs are revising the kitchen prep list, doing the next days ordering or even that quick brief before lunch. Why not sneak away to the cool room and have a few minutes reprieve? Getting the work done whilst taking a quick moment away does wonders!


3. Juice up the squad

Keep a stash of juice or soft drink in the cool room for the back of house team - a fresh, sugary hit is sometimes better than consuming multiple coffees to get through the day. Can’t give up the caffeine? Speak to front of house and get some iced coffees going!

4. Consider the air circulation

This can be very important to ensure happy employees around the kitchen. Make sure exhaust hoods are in prime condition to cater to the long summer, appropriate doors are shut during service (or left open depending on layout) and even consider investing in a small fan for those side preparation areas. These are handy to cool down certain sides of the kitchen, provided they are cleaned every shift and are placed in a unobtrusive manner.


5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The most important thing is to remain hydrated. Make sure the ice machine at work is up to scratch, keep drink bottles in the cool room if you can and even freeze your water bottle before you go into work. Staying cool through the course of the day is the best way to tackle the heat.

Implementing some of these quick tips will hopefully help get you through the long days. If you’ve got any tips or suggestions, share them here, we’d love to hear them!