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Join The Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders an Administrative Officer! You’ll work 16 hours a week and assist with the planning and management of events, office activities, accounts, policies and procedures as well as web content and communication with members.
Administrative Officer, 1 position, apply by 15th January.
Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders, Sydney, NSW
Victoria Jade
Join the growing Victoria Jade Team as a Social Media & Salon Assistant. You'll work at Melbourne's Best Brow Bar and support the salon owner and manager, in providing excellent customer service and managing Victoria Jade's social media accounts.
Social Media & Salon Assistant, 1 position, apply by 19th January.
Victoria Jade, Melbourne, VIC
Incorp Melbourne is looking for a Digital Marketing, Content and Videography Assistant working 15 hours a week. You'll join a global organisation that designs and develops the workplace of the future. Your role is to tell the Incorp story about the great work they do by developing content incorporating videos on digital channels.
Digital Media, Content & Videography, 1 position, apply by 20th January.
Incorp, Melbourne, VIC

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