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As Paddl Ambassador, you will be part of a select group of influencers who will represent the Paddl brand to your friends, peers, classmates and in your social circles. Perks include access to mentors, first dibs at opportunities on Paddl, goodies, monthly prizes and the opportunity to be CEO for a day, Head of Product or sit in on executive meetings. Open to students in Victoria and New South Wales.
Paddl Ambassadors, 30 positions, apply by Thursday, 6th September.
CareerLounge and Paddl, Victoria and New South Wales
Vumero Institute
Can you design a product or service, which addresses unemployment issues, in less than 48 hours? Pitch a winning idea and win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes. You will work in teams and be mentored by leaders and entrepreneurs to develop, prototype and pitch your ideas and solutions within 48 hours. Suitable for Business, Commerce, Marketing, Design, IT, Engineering, Community Services students.
30 positions, apply by Thursday, 10th August.
PeninsulaHack, Frankston Foundry, Frankston
Vumero Institute
FREE food + conference pass valued $500 for volunteers at the Australia Sports Analytics Conference in Melbourne on Friday, August 4 2017. You only need to work for ~3.5 hours. Ideal for students who love data, analytics, technology and sports!
Event Volunteers, 10 positions, apply ASAP.
Vumero Institute/Australia Sports Analytics, Melbourne
The Franchise Council of Australia is looking for a student or recent grad to assist with the planning, coordination and marketing of their upcoming conference. Ideally, you will work 3-5 days a week (preferably five) and able to start immediately.
Events and Marketing Assistant, apply by 15th August.
Franchise Council of Australia, Melbourne
Six positions are available for final year students or recent graduates who want to build a career in the technology, innovation, and media sector. Open to all qualifications and backgrounds.
Media Sales Executives, 6 positions, apply by 10th August
Meltwater, Melbourne
Great experience for students with an interest in fashion design, garment or textiles. Ideally, you have excellent customer service skills who can also perform clothing alterations such as plain take ups, invisible take ups, zipper insertion, patching and other general garment repairs, using industrial machinery.
Customer Service and Clothing Alterations, 10 positions, apply by 9th August
KC Dry Cleaning, Brisbane
Great opportunity for students who want exposure to industries such as retail, supermarket and convenience, oil and gas, transport and logistics. Short-term project for four weeks, part-time. Immediate start.
Marketing and Events Assistant, CLOSED.
ACAPMA, North Sydney
Join the FCA’s accounts team in a three-week project to help process transactions. You will report to, and work alongside, a Certified Practicing Accountant. This is a learning opportunity and offers significant exposure and valuable insights into the franchise industry.
Accounts and Admin Assistant, CLOSED.
Franchise Council of Australia, Melbourne
Two marketing internships on offer by an eco-manufacturer and seller of biodegradable and bio-disposable tableware. With presence in 20 countries, this is a great opportunity to gain industry experience and apply your knowledge and skills in social media.
Marketing Interns, 2 positions, CLOSED.
Ecolife, Melbourne
Work in a luscious 16-acre farm on the Mornington Peninsula. You'll be helping out in the vineyard, orchard, vegetable garden, hen house and olive grove ensuring it is looking fabulous all year round. Suitable for students in landscape architecture, viticulture, agriculture or those with a keen interest in gardening or farming.
Farm hand and gardener, 2 positions, CLOSED.
Sherdale Farm, Shoreham, Mornington Peninsula

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