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Whether you run a cafe, bar, pub, or restaurant, you'll find local applicants who are passionate about a career in food and beverage.

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Let us create a shortlist of qualified hospitality candidates that meet your core requirements.

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The Paddl resume allows you to assess talent based on the skills they have acquired through experiences rather than just the tasks they have performed.

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    Beautifully designed for mobile and desktop.

  • Super fast pre-screening

    Use insight questions to generate a meaningful shortlist.

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    Connect with only the most relevant applicants.

  • Get applicant alerts

    Stay updated about new applicants throughout your campaign.

  • Targeted campaigns

    Targeting by location and over 60,000 skills in development.

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“Paddl is in a great position to support the hospitality industry in taking on the labour crisis it currently faces.”
- John Hart ,
CEO, Restaurant and Catering Australia

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