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Connect with the next generation of healthcare and wellness practitioners across many disciplines including:

  • Medicine
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  • Alternative health
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    Use our unique "checks and challenges" to create a shortlist of quality health and wellness candidates that meet your core requirements.

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    Using our advanced filters and tags, you'll know right away how many potential applicants are available in your industry sector before you commit to paying for a job ad.

    A simpler way to discover new talent

    Paddl gives you a shortlist of quality candidates faster and easier.

    • Easy to use

      Beautifully designed for mobile and desktop.

    • Super fast pre-screening

      Use insight questions to generate a meaningful shortlist.

    • Quality Talent

      Connect with only the most relevant applicants.

    • Get applicant alerts

      Stay updated about new applicants throughout your campaign.

    • Targeted campaigns

      Targeting by location and over 60,000 skills in development. Learn more about our current Campaigns Lite promotion.

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    "Paddl will provide you with opportunities to develop work readiness skills in your chosen field through casual work, internships and work integrated learning placements."
    - Meg Stuart ,
    Australian Catholic University

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